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On Android, you can get Minecraft PE Nether Update for free by visiting this link: The underground dimension has been completely overhauled, and many new features have been added to the game.

What’s new in MCPE compared to previous versions?

The Nether Update was first announced at Minecon 2019 by the game’s leading developers, and it is now available for download. Moreover, there is a great deal to see in this update. As it turns out, there will be biomes in the Nether realm of the universe.

Aside from that, piglins will usurp the pigmen as the dominant civilization in the future. Our old acquaintances will now be on the periphery of this situation. By the way, in MCPE, zombified piglins are now referred to as such from here on out.

NameMinecraft PE
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Operating systemAndroid
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There can’t be an update without new blocks, and Minecraft PE isn’t an acceptable substitute. The most valuable type of ancient debris is found in caves. According to some, it is now in greater demand than diamonds.

Apparently, this debris outlasts diamonds in terms of durability. Additionally, armor made of it will not burn when exposed to lava. It’s more durable, and the tools are more responsive.

There are other blocks to be found in Nether of Minecraft PE which have been updated, including black stone and basalt, and many others.

They’re most commonly found in basalt deltas, which makes sense. It is one of the more recent biomes.

Items and corrections

The game gains a large number of new items with every major update, as is obvious. This time around, players will be able to use chains that can be found in Piglin Remnants to play with.

The MCPE includes crimson and warped planks, nylium, fungus, roots, and stems, among other components. There’s even obsidian that’s crying. Changing your spawn point in the Nether is accomplished by using this item.

Furthermore, Mojang has worked to improve the overall performance of the game by releasing a number of tweaks and fixes to the game. It has been promised that Minecraft PE will be a more enjoyable experience.


Furthermore, players will be able to use their compass on the lodestone to navigate their way around. It turns out that this block will serve as an anchor for your compass and will direct you in the right direction.

You’ll be able to create your own waypoints in the Nether, something that has never been possible previously.

A fun fact: all types of soul blocks will now have a blue flame, which is a nice touch. In MCPE, you can even use azure fire to make torches and campfires, as well as other items.

Overall, the Nether Update has breathed new life into a dimension that had been in desperate need of it.



Yes, warped fungi can be used to mount striders.


Hoglins and zoglins are the Nether’s newest creatures.


Now it’s actually useful. You can use it to get rid of leaves.